Does Jenny know Claire is a time traveler? (2023)

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Do they tell Jenny about Claire?

The Laoghaire Incident

As soon as Jamie came to rescue Claire, she told him everything - including how Laoghaire orchestrated it all. Since Jamie and Jenny have a close bond, Jamie likely told her about what happened to Claire during the witch trials.

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Does Jenny ever meet Brianna in Outlander?

Brianna makes it to Lallybroch, where there's plenty of drama in Outlander Book 4, Chapter 34. It is a great chapter for the book. Brianna doesn't just meet Jenny and Ian (and her cousins), but she also very quickly meets the woman who almost got her mother killed.

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Who knows Claire is a time-traveller in Outlander?

Jamie notes that Claire has told Fergus and Marsali about when the Revolutionary War will come to an end. She'd need to have told them she's a time traveler to be able to explain that one. Jenny does eventually find out. In fact, the Murray family at Lallybroch find out the truth.

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Does Lord John know Claire is a time traveler?

For instance, Lord John Grey learns the truth about Claire, Brianna, and Roger... though he has a hard time believing it. And speaking of Roger and Brianna, they get into their own time-travel trouble — Roger with his ancestor Buck and Brianna with Rob Cameron.

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Why does Claire tell Jenny to plant potatoes?

Jenny gives Claire a knife and a bag of coins; Claire tells her to plant potatoes because there's going to be a famine in a few years.

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Why does Jenny betray Jamie?

The money Jenny receives for selling her brother out will go toward keeping the people of Lallybroch alive. Jenny doesn't want to go along with the plan initially, horrified at the idea of turning Jamie in and worried that he'll be hung for treason.

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Is Fergus a time traveler?

For now, though, it appears both Fergus and Marsali aren't time travellers with actors Lyle and Domboy addressing this in an Instagram live Q&A from earlier this year.

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Who does Jamie cheat on Claire with?

Jamie does admit he's slept with someone else, telling her about his one-night tryst with Mary MacNab (Emma Campbell-Jones) before he turned himself in to authorities following the Battle of Culloden nearly 20 years prior.

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Do Jenny and Claire reconcile?

Trying to reconcile with Jenny and Ian

Claire shows up at Lallybroch attempting to reconcile with Jenny and Ian. She wants to be welcomed back, hopes that they can all move past the 20 years of no information, but she quickly realizes that it isn't going to happen.

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How many children did Jenny and Ian have?

Janet "Jenny" Fraser Murray: Jamie's older sister, and only living sibling. She is married to Ian Murray and has seven children.

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How many kids do Jenny and Ian have Outlander?

She is married to Ian Murray and together they have seven children.

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Why does Jamie's ghost visit Claire?

Some think Jamie's spirit (but not his body) traveled to through time to guide Claire to him; others suggest Jamie had a near-death experience after the Battle of Culloden, and that's why his ghost is 25 when he appears to Frank.

Does Jenny know Claire is a time traveler? (2023)
Who is the ghost Claire sees?

"The ghost is Jamie–but as for how it fits into the story, All Will Be Explained—in the last book," Gabaldon writes in the FAQ section of her website. She's also revealed that the Outlander series will likely have ten books total, and the ninth, Go Tell the Bees That I Am Gone, debuted in 2021.

How many times does Claire travel through time?

These stones come into play time and again on Outlander: Claire travels through the stones at Craigh na Dun in 1746 when Jamie brings her back to them in order to keep their baby safe, and then one more time in 1968 when she travels back to be reunited with her one, true love in 1766.

Does Jamie ever tell Lord John about Claire?

After he's interrogated, John asks Jamie to assure him that Claire will be safe, at which point Jamie reveals that Claire is his wife.

Why did the Opal break when Jemmy held it?

When Jemmy holds the stone, it feels incredibly hot. It's so hot, it breaks in his hands. The stone is hot to the touch for Claire, Bree, and Roger, too.

Why did Claire sleep with Lord John?

John had insisted Claire marry him for protection and told her it was the "last service" he could carry out for Jamie. The pair were married at John's home and as a wedding gift, he gave her a large case of medical equipment. They ended up sleeping together and started to form a closer bond for the next few months.

Why did Malva cut Claire's hair?

The haircutting was part of the process. Malva wanted to make Claire undesirable. She wanted to make Jamie turn to her instead of to his wife. We can get a sense of that from the way Claire worried about Jamie seeing her with the short, jagged hair.

Why does Claire take an orange?

“After Claire sleeps with the King of France to save Jamie's life, when she leaves Versailles Palace, the last thing she does is pick up the orange and take it with her,” executive producer Tonia Graphia told Elle. “It was a small gesture by Claire, a choice that symbolizes that she's leaving with her dignity.

Why does Malva watch Claire?

Why was Malva watching Claire and Jamie? She wanted to make sure Claire knew the truth, but Claire didn't let her into the house. Instead, her attacker—likely the real father of her baby—turned up and killed her before she could say anything to Claire.

Did Jamie sleep with Malva?

Jamie denies having slept with her, but the damage to his and to Claire's reputation is done—and the bond between the Frasers and Malva is severed, until just a few weeks later, when Claire finds Malva murdered in the garden.

Does Claire use a body double in Outlander?

Director Brendan Maher told Vulture that while both Menzies and Heughan had stunt doubles for the physically demanding sequence, neither used them much. “We had people for safety, just in case, but the nature of the work is that you want the actors to do as much as they possibly can,” Maher said.

Does Jamie cheat on Claire in Outlander?

Jamie doesn't really help matters by choosing this moment to confess that he has cheated – but not with Malva. Instead, he spent one night with someone else before going to prison, long ago (and when separated from Claire by 200 years).

Is the Comte St Germain a time traveler?

As a time traveler, he has lived during the 1630s and possibly other eras. He first attempts to travel forward beyond his own projected lifetime in 1778, with the help of Master Raymond.

Who are Fergus biological parents?

Well, Fergus is believed to be the son of the comte and Amelie Beauchamp.

Is Fergus son a dwarf?

Outlander series

Henri-Christian is born as the fourth child of Fergus and Marsali. He is a dwarf and some of the residents of Fraser's Ridge believe he is a punishment for his parents' sins.

What sickness did Claire have in Outlander?

This storyline is taken from the books. In A Breath of Snow and Ashes, Claire and Tom come down with the same sickness around the same time dysentery is traveling around the Ridge.

What is Jamie's secret?

Jamie's Secret is a story about a nine-year-old who loves soccer, playing with her best friend Sadie, and collecting crystals. She loves hugging and climbing trees, watching butterflies, and soaring on her swing. Jamie loves life and everything that points to it.

How many times does Claire marry?

Claire technically has three husbands when you read all eight current Outlander books.

Why did Jenny Murray leave Outlander?

It's mostly due to Laura Donnelly not being able to return to the show. Laura has said in the past that she's not that interested in coming back. While the fourth season filmed, things had to be reworked in the story. We were supposed to see Jenny back, but Laura Donnelly wasn't available.

Why did they recast Jenny Fraser?

The exact reasons for Donnelly's recasting haven't been made public, but the actress has been busy with a number of other projects since wrapping up her first stint on Outlander, so it's entirely possible that scheduling conflicts are to blame.

Is Master Raymond a time traveler?

The mysterious Master Raymond is a "prehistoric time traveler." Not much is known about him, but he is thought to be a common ancestor of both Claire Fraser and Geillis Duncan.

What is the age difference between Fergus and Marsali?

Fergus is 17 years older than Ian and 15 years older than Marsali. I am not really sure how to calculate the other three age differences with Brianna's. But I think she would be 13 years younger than Fergus, four years older than Young Ian and five years older than Marsali.”

Does William find out Jamie is his father?

While Brianna knows who William is, William does not yet know that Jamie is his father and that Brianna is his sister. He doesn't discover the connection until late in book seven, when he finds himself in Jamie's company and finally sees the resemblance between them.

Do Claire and Jamie have a third child?

The simple answer is no. Claire and Jamie don't have any more children after Brianna. Claire heads through the stones while pregnant with Brianna at the end of the second season/book.

Who does Ian Murray marry in Outlander?

Ian and Rachel were reunited in May or June 1778, when Ian and William stopped Arch Bug's attempt to kill Rachel. The two became engaged and married in a double Quaker wedding along with Denzell and Dorothea Grey in late July or early August.

Who is Jamie's second wife?

It was during that time apart that Jamie married another woman — Laoghaire MacKenzie (Nell Hudson). A character that still has a major impact on Jamie and Claire's story in season 6.

Does Jamie Fraser ever go to the future?

Jamie can't time travel in the world of Outlander

Jamie Fraser doesn't have the time-traveling gene. In the books, we find out that Brianna and Roger's daughter, Mandy, can see people as certain elements, and Jamie is water. Those she sees as water don't have the ability to time travel.

Does Claire ever visit Faith's grave in the future?

She baptized the baby and claimed Faith died afterward, so Faith was buried in the cemetery. When Claire visits L'Hôpital des Anges again, she goes back to Faith's grave. This is a chance to see her first daughter again, see what had been lost.

What does Jamie say to Claire in bed?

Jamie: "Claire, it was you. It's always been you, and it always will be. Get into bed and put the candle out.

Does Jamie go through the stones?

Only those with the "travel gene" can go through the stones. Jamie doesn't have it. And ghosts don't even need stones!

What did Claire whisper to Randall?

“I curse you. I curse you with knowledge, Jack Randall. I give you the hour of your death. Jonathan Wolverton Randall, Born Sept 3rd, 1705, dies…” she whispers in his ear, and suddenly he knows that she's telling him the truth.

How does Outlander end in the books?

At its heart, Outlander is just a really long romance story, and all romances need a happy ending. Insofar as wombs are original homes, this installment in the series ends with Jamie and Claire coming home to each other.

Who knows Claire is a time Traveller?

Diana Gabaldon mentions now and then on social media that Fergus knows Claire is a time traveler. This is something that happens off-book in the series. Fergus and Marsali have both learned the truth, which is important for later books.

How are Geillis and Claire related?

In Scotland in 1968, Claire tells Roger Wakefield that Geillis Duncan was his ancestor and that she was burned as a witch in 1743.

How long was Claire in the past before she married Jamie?

While on a second honeymoon in Scotland with her husband, Frank Randall, Claire inadvertently travels two hundred years into the past, where she meets and eventually marries Jamie Fraser.

Who does Claire marry after Jamie dies?

When Claire returns to Scotland in the 17th century, she eventually becomes stepmother to Jamie's son by Geneva Dunsany, William Ransom, and his stepdaughter, Marsali MacKimmie Fraser, from his marriage to Laoghaire MacKenzie. She is later married to Lord John Grey.

Is Lord John Grey in love with Jamie Fraser?

Grey falls in love with Jamie, who rejects his advances. Still, Grey cannot dismiss his feelings.

Who kidnaps jemmy in Outlander?

Rob Cameron, one of Brianna's coworkers, kidnaps Jem, and it appears that he has taken Jem into the past. Roger and William travel through time to find them, but Rob appears at Brianna's home and orders her to tell Jem to disclose the location of the gold.

Why was Jemmy kidnapped?

On October 30, 1980, Jemmy is being held by Rob Cameron, who wants the boy to show him where Jemmy's grandfather has hidden gold.

What is the revelation about Jemmy in Outlander?

Major events this episode: After discovering that Jemmy has the ability to time travel, Roger and Brianna decide it's time to go back to their own time. Jamie tells Brianna about her brother William.

Why did they cut Claire's hair?

It began in the form of a bad haircut, after Malva and housekeeper Mrs Bug cut Claire's hair off to ease the fever. Poor Claire.

What did Malva do with the finger?

The slightly creepy man tasked with absorbing the sins of the dead was last seen rotting in his home, as Malva (Jessica Reynolds) cut off two of his fingers. She then poisoned and nearly killed Claire (Caitriona Balfe), before destroying the Frasers' reputation and getting murdered herself.

Why is Malva lying?

Claire eventually realizes that Malva is lying because she knows her husband well enough. Tom seems to question Malva's story. You can see it in his face that he's trying to figure out if this story is true. And then there are the reactions at the funeral when Allan refuses to let Claire carry the baby's coffin out.

Why does Claire wear Jamie's ring on right hand?

It makes more sense in the book, because Claire left Frank's ring on during the ceremony and that's why she wore Jamie's father's ring (and later her silver wedding band) on her right hand.

Why does Claire wear both rings?

Throughout Outlander, Claire was seen wearing two wedding rings – both when she married her second husband Jamie and when she returned to the future and reconciled with Frank Randall (Tobias Menzies). Claire steadfastly refused to take off the gold wedding band from Frank after travelling back through time.

Who was the father of Malvas baby?

Later, after Claire has returned to the Ridge, she is confessor to Allan Christie, who explains that he was the one that fathered Malva's child, and then murdered her.

Who did Jamie sleep with while Claire was gone?

Jamie does admit he's slept with someone else, telling her about his one-night tryst with Mary MacNab (Emma Campbell-Jones) before he turned himself in to authorities following the Battle of Culloden nearly 20 years prior.

Why did Jamie remarry?

So, it seems Jamie went through with the marriage in a bid to build a life by himself without Claire. Also, he chose Laoghaire's daughters rather than her because of his desire to have children and be a father.

Does Claire find out the truth about Malva?

Eventually, Claire learns the truth about the paternity of Malva's baby.

Does Jamie cheat on Claire with Malva?

Her whole life would be a lie. Jamie doesn't really help matters by choosing this moment to confess that he has cheated – but not with Malva. Instead, he spent one night with someone else before going to prison, long ago (and when separated from Claire by 200 years).

Does Jenny have the baby Outlander?

But that was only part of the drama, thanks to the arrival of baby Margaret, the newborn daughter of Jamie's sister Jenny (Laura Donnelly), which ultimately led to the reveal that Claire (Caitriona Balfe) might actually be barren.

Was it Jamie's Ghost Watching Claire?

Author Diana Gabaldon, who wrote the book series upon which the Starz TV show is based, has confirmed that it is Jamie's ghost that Frank saw, but she's also stated repeatedly that Jamie cannot travel forward in time.

Who is Malvas baby's father?

The killer is in fact Malva's brother, Allan Christie (Alexander Vlahos). He is also the father of her baby, having raped and abused Malva since she was a child. Malva had decided to tell the truth, which is why Allan killed her.

Did Malva poison Claire and her father?

It's Tom who eventually finds out. Malva, before her death, tells him that she made them sick. She'd collected parts of the dead Sin Eater and poisoned Claire and Tom. She wanted to get to Jamie, and getting Claire out of the way was the only way to do that.

What disease did Claire have?

This is dysentery. Claire tells everyone that a contaminated water source most likely caused it, but after funeral upon funeral — the body count is high! — no one can seem to figure it out. And then Claire falls ill.

Does Allan confess to killing Malva?

When Jamie's negotiations with the governor for Claire's freedom fail, Tom Christie confesses to Malva's murder. In November 1776, Allan comes to Malva's grave and confesses to Claire about raping his sister, that he was the father of Malva's child, and that he killed her because she was going to tell the truth.

What happens to the dwarf baby in Outlander?

Outlander series

He is a dwarf and some of the residents of Fraser's Ridge believe he is a punishment for his parents' sins. Henri-Christian is placed in a basket and put into a stream by some boys. Roger saves him and baptized him.

Does Claire have two babies?

There are no biological children after Brianna in Outlander

Claire and Jamie don't have any more children after Brianna. Claire heads through the stones while pregnant with Brianna at the end of the second season/book. She spends 20 years in the 20th century, and she and Frank don't have any children together.

What happens to Jenny's baby?

Jenny ends up miscarrying, but she is too worried she would lose MCP if she told him what happened to the baby. She does eventually tell him in Episode 12, and he says he still wants to be with her.

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