How old is Ender? (2023)

How old is Ender supposed to be?

To say that Ender grows up over the course of the book is an understatement — the character starts the story at age 6 and ends it at 13.

How old is Ender in command school?

Andrew "Ender" Wiggin is 6 years old. His peers bully him, his parents are aloof, and his older brother is violently resentful of him. He might also be humanity's only hope.

How old is Ender in Ender's Game movie?

Asa Butterfield plays the 15-year-old Ender Wiggin, a student soldier training to fight the Formics (or Buggers, as they are known), who 50 years before the action of the film attacked Earth, killing millions before being driven back to their home planet. Why children? Basically, they can multitask.

Is Ender older than Valentine?

Valentine is Ender's older sister, and she does what she can to protect him from Peter, their sadistic older brother.

Is Ender a gender?

Ender is a gender neutral name of Turkish origin.

Who married Ender?

Novinha Ribeira

Who is Ender sister?

Valentine adored her younger brother Andrew, who she nicknamed "Ender' due to her inability to pronounce his name correctly. Valentine had a very tender relationship with Ender and taught him arithmetic when he was three years old.

What is Ender full name?

Andrew Thomas Wiggin, commonly known by his nickname Ender Wiggin, was a Battle School Student, the commander of Dragon Army, and later a Speaker for the Dead. He is the main protagonist of the Ender Quintet, and was first introduced in Ender's Game.

Who bullied Ender?

Stilson was the classic schoolyard bully. He slacked off in class and made rude remarks to Ender.

Why was Ender allowed to be born?

While Graff talks it becomes clear that Ender, as a third child, was only allowed to be born because of I.F. consent, and that he is essentially I.F. property. Graff wants Ender to choose to come to school because he will not do well if he does not go willingly.

How does Ender live so long?

More than 3,000 Earth years have passed since young Ender Wiggin unwittingly commanded Earth's forces to exterminate the alien race known as the Buggers. Andrew Wiggin (Ender) is still alive, due to the relativistic time effects of space travel.

How old is Ender in the first chapter?

The story begins to describe the life of Ender, the six year old boy they were describing. He is having his monitor removed.

Are Bean and Ender friends?

Bean. Ender's last friend at Battle School, Bean is very reminiscent of Ender when he first arrived. Bold and brilliant, Bean helps Ender with Dragon Army and also helps him hold on to his humanity. He is one of Ender's commanders against the buggers.

Does Ender have a love interest?

There is only one other instance in the series where it is explicitly stated that Ender and Novinha “made love,” but in the same sentence, Ender is described as being very distracted by something else. Again, his marriage with Novinha becomes sexual only because that is how they have traditionally thought of marriage.

Is Ender a psychopath?

He seems almost the textbook definition of a psychopath — their sister Valentine tells how he tortures squirrels, staking them out on the ground and skinning them alive in order to watch them die. He is prevented from killing Ender and Valentine only by the threat of being found out.

Is Ender a killer?

However, Ender is not the innocent boy he seems to be; he murders two other boys in cold blood. Yet, he is celebrated and never has to face the consequences of his actions.

What is Endergender?

Definitions. Endergender: A subsect of Gamegender that is influenced and/or associated by the game Minecraft. It is a fluid gender that feels as if its “teleporting” rapidly and is never in one place. It sometimes picks up chunks from other genders to use for itself before dropping them and moving on. -

Is Ender a hero or villain?

Ender Wiggin is a villain. He should not be allowed to return to Planet Earth. Because the government genetically engineered him to be a killing machine, he has to potential to kill an entire species.

Whose arm did Ender break?

Ender challenges an older boy to play him best of three on a game; he beats the boy the second and third games and shocks all of the older students around. Bernard, whose arm Ender broke, quickly gathers a troop around him. This group constantly teases Ender and an even smaller boy named Shen.

Why does Ender hate himself?

Ender hates himself because he is like Peter, and now his sister, the one person he truly loves, is asking him to go back to being like Peter in order to save her life. It is a tremendous personal sacrifice for Ender to leave earth, but for Valentine he will even destroy himself.

Why is Ender like Peter?

He is concerned only with himself, and although this leads him to be the ruler of all humans on earth, it makes Peter as far from human as possible. It is the nature of power, and the effect it has on people, that creates the resemblance between Peter and Ender.

Who is Ender's first friend?

Because Shen wiggles his butt when he walks, he becomes Ender's first friend at Battle School.

Does Ender believe Dink?

Ender does not believe Dink, but the conversation has an effect on him—he begins to look for ulterior motives in people's actions and words.

Does Ender like Alai?

He practices alongside Ender so that they can improve their maneuvers in the battleroom, and frequently defends Ender from others. At times, Ender thinks that Alai is his only good friend at the Battle School, but at other times, he wonders if Alai is indifferent to him, or even resents him for his successes.

Who is white Enderman?

An enderman is a tall, black mob in Minecraft, and any player who has played the game for more than a week or so should already know that. 6 years ago, a very strange thing happened when I played Minecraft Java Edition 1.6. 4 .

Who is Ender God?

Ender God is little bit taller than a regular ender man. Ender God can throw fire balls 2x faster than Ghasts. It can also teleport.It follows you outside the end dimension. It has 2 horns, red eyes and wings.

Is Ender Wiggin asexual?

Ender Wiggin is asexual, and yes, this is crucial to the story. For those of you who are confused as to why people think Ender is gay, Christopher Rudolph summarized the argument in a Huffpost article titled “How Queer is Ender?”

Who attacks Ender in the shower?

Without thinking, he heads to the showers and soon finds himself surrounded by seven boys, with Bonzo at the lead. Ender quickly realizes that Bernard and the other boys pose no true threat—it is Bonzo who wants to kill him.

Why was Ender tricked?

Mazer and Colonel Graff had to trick Ender into making him believe he was participating in simulations because he would have never had the empathy to kill the bugger's race. The anger and sense of betrayal Ender felt when he realized that he had been used to win the war caused him to enter a deep depression.

What did Ender sacrifice?

First, Ender sacrifices companionship with his family and Battle School students. Though Ender consents to Battle School and plays the adults' game, he doesn't necessarily choose this sacrifice for himself. Graff coordinates Ender's isolation to prepare him for the commander position: “His isolation can't be broken.

Did Ender lose any battles?

Ender and his army won every battle they fought in, each more difficult than the last as the Battle School teachers turned the rules on their head.

Why is Ender so special?

Ender is the smartest boy in the world, but he also has some serious hand-eye coordination, is very empathic and caring, and, um, is the best killer out of all the Battle School kids.

Why did Ender have a monitor?

A Monitor was a technological implant used by the International Fleet to screen children who might show potential to be students at Battle School.

Does Ender find out he killed Bonzo?

The final chapter of the book begins with Graff and Anderson, speaking much more casually than they have in the past. Graff has survived his court martial trial, where the prosecution attempted to prove that Ender was a killer. Ender watched, and learned that he killed both Stilson and Bonzo.

How does Ender eventually win?

Ender is able to get past the Giant's Drink by breaking the rules—he chooses not to choose a drink and instead attacks the giant. He did this mostly because he was so angry at how unfair the game was, but the novel establishes a paradox by showing that the only way Ender can win is by breaking the rules.

Is Ender the third child?

Ender is a third child in a society where parents are only allowed to have two children. His parents were given permission to have a "third" because of the promise his siblings showed..... in the end, they weren't good enough for what the program (government) had planned for them.

How old was Ender in each book?

In the book, Ender was 6 when he left Earth for Battle School and 11 by the time of the *ahem* "final examination" battle. I haven't actually seen the movie to know if it actually states Ender's age, but the film-makers have said Ender in the movie is 12.

Will there be a Ender's Game 2?

According to industry experts, Ender's Game is unlikely to get a sequel.

Why is Ender angry Chapter 9?

Ender is furious that they have taken from him his last true memory—that of his sister. He goes back to the mind game and yet somehow, this time, the snake that has crushed under his feet in the past turns into his sister and they walk to the mirror together.

When was Ender born?

Andrew Wiggin was born in 11 BX to Theresa and John Paul Wiggin. He was their third child, his older siblings being Peter and Valentine.

Is Ender a villain or a hero?

Unlike many heroes, Ender is recruited at the mere age of six for Battle School to learn military strategy and saves the human race before puberty. This prodigy is not only a genius among geniuses but also the hero of an entire planet.

What gender is Ender Dragon?

Trivia. Notch has confirmed that the ender dragon is a female and even nicknamed her "Jean". Once the ender dragon is defeated in Minecraft, her egg spawns on top of the end portal, and only female creatures can lay eggs and give birth (with some exceptions).

What does Ender fear?

Ender's deepest fear is not of the buggers or death in battle, but of seeing his sadistic brother's tendencies in himself, a dread triggered by Ender's strong survival instincts and calculated acts of self-preservation.

Why do they call him Ender?

Andrew is Ender's birth name. However, he's called Ender throughout the book, which makes sense, because the other humans think he'll "end" the threat of the Buggers.


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