Marvel strongest symbiote? (2023)

Which symbiote is stronger than Venom?

More Powerful: Anti-Venom

In many ways, Anti-Venom, which developed after Eddie Brock realized that he had cancer, truly is the opposite of Venom. Anti-Venom's resistance to fire, sound and heat is the opposite of the weaknesses of other symbiotes from Klyntar.

Is Venom the weakest symbiote?

He is definitely not the weakest, but he's far from being up there with the top dogs.

Who is the most evil symbiote?

Carnage. Easily the most ruthless and dangerous of all of Marvel's Earth-based symbiotes, Carnage has been plagued since its inception by the evil of its first host, notorious serial killer Cletus Kasady.

Why is Venom scared of a red one?

The bond between the Carnage symbiote and Kasady was stronger than the bond between Brock and the Venom symbiote. Cletus Kasady was also a serial killer and thought of as insane. As a result, Carnage is far more violent, powerful, and deadly than Venom.

Is Carnage Venom's Son?

While in prison, Venom produces an offspring named Carnage. (He reproduces asexually, in case you were wondering.) Venom doesn't tell Eddie about it, and Venom and Eddie escape prison. Once they're gone, Carnage bonds with Cletus.

Is there a blue symbiote?

Blue Symbiote (2) (Agony): In the comics Agony was one of the symbiotes forcibly spawned from Venom alongside several others by the Life Foundation.

Why is Venom scared of Carnage?

Why Venom got scared of Carnage? Venom felt like an inferior symbiote and needed a host who he could make themselves into better beings. Carnage is the opposite due to the criminal insanity of his host and Venom probably fears that part of him that he tried to control in Brock.

What is Venom's most powerful form?

10 Hybrid. The Hybrid Symbiote was considered the strongest of the Venom-spawn created at the Life Foundation. It was created after the Symbiote Scream destroyed the other four Life Foundation creations Phage, Riot, Lasher, and Agony.

What are the main 5 symbiotes?

These five symbiotes are named Agony, Phage, Scream, Lasher, and Riot, with Riot sharing many of Venom's powers while being the most powerful of the five Life Foundation symbiotes.

What are the 5 Venom symbiotes?

These were cultured and bonded to five of the Life Foundation's best security personnel to form the Guardians: Donna Diego (Scream), Carl Mach (Phage), Leslie Gesneria (Agony), Trevor Cole (Riot), and Ramon Hernandez (Lasher). In the comics none of the five symbiotes were originally given names.


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