What is a void team? (2023)

Who is Negativetale Sans?

He's known as a thief, constantly pickpocketing people for money, committing several crimes, and being a general irritation. Overall, Negativetale Sans is the complete opposite of his Sans counterpart.

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What is the anti void?

Anti-voids are the spaces between universes controlled by a particular out-of-code character. When a new anti-void is discovered, the one who discovered them is given control, able to modify them to their will, molding them to what the owner sees fit.

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What Sans are from Godverse?

Sans is a 5'8 tall Skeleton with two dark glowing blue eyes, leaving off a distinct glow. Sans has a dark blue long overcoat that reaches below his knees roughly, with multiple patterns formed on them.

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Is XGaster evil?

Evil Is Petty: On top of being insanely evil, XGaster is shown to be immensely petty. As revenge against his kids for rebelling against him, he rewrites reality to make it so that all of their friends hate them, and tried forcing them to kill their own creation because he thought it looked "hideous".

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What power does void have?

Psionics: The Void possesses telepathic, empathetic and possibly cyberpathic capabilities. The level of which being unknown but quite possibly rivaling that of the Sentry himself. Having once used such a facult of his powers to taunt his heroic self through a television screen.

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Who is void God?

Void gods are a powerful type of void creature and the end result of a naaru losing its light. They are evil creatures of the Void and capable of destroying entire planets if left unchecked.

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Who is King Godverse?

King Godverse, also known as Koavire Ideel, is a introverted self-bound almighty god written by DARTHOOM. He serves as the co-ruler of Godverse along with his arranged wife Ayaba, also known as Queen Godverse, and is the absolute sovereign which governs all other gods and godesses.

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Who is Hyperman Godverse?

Hyperman is a nigh-omnipotent entity who serves as the third "god" of The Barrel. Although he's technically not officially considered a monocosmic god in the traditional sense, since he is not of the same species as Creator and Destroyer.

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What Sans is stronger than error 404?

B.U.T.T.E.R.F.L.Y. 6.6. 6 Formed by Error and 404 during the events of Chapter 3 ButterFly666 is the Strongest being in the Multiverse and beyond.

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Who is the main villain in Underverse?

X-Gaster is the true main antagonist of Underverse, he is the father of Cross Chara and X-Take Frisk and the creator of Cross Sans and X-Tale Papyrus, after almost giving up on creating Ink Sans encouraged X-Gaster by showing him the Imgaisphere, this gave X-Gaster the courage to create his own AU, X-Tale, he used his ...

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Who is error Sans before?

Error! Sans was created by Lover of Piggies, or CrayonQueen, as a corrupted counterpart of Geno. In an alternate timeline from Aftertale, Geno messes around with his determination powers after being freed, which the Sans of that timeline warns him not to.

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Is Underverse cancelled?

Tip of the day: Underverse has been cancelled!

What is a void team? (2023)
Who controls the void?

The Void (virtual reality)
IndustryVirtual reality entertainment
Key peopleCurtis Hickman, Ken Bretschneider, James Jensen, William Welsh, Clayton Talley
ProductsVirtual reality "theme park" attractions
OwnerVR Exit, LLC
WebsiteOfficial website
3 more rows

Who fights void?

Aurelion Sol fought voidborn and sealed a Void rift. Diana fought three Voidborns and sealed a Void rift. Kai'Sa defeat them.

Who Are The Void members?

VOID (보이드) is a South Korean Visual Kei rock band currently consisting of four members: Nia, J. Robyn, Bi Suhyun and Shin. They debuted on September 14, 2018.

What is Void magic called?

Void Magic is a very powerful lost magical element branch. It is based on the fifth of the Japanese elements namely "Kyu" (Void) but it is renamed as "Kyomu" in the anime.

How the Void was created?

Voids are believed to have been formed by baryon acoustic oscillations in the Big Bang, collapses of mass followed by implosions of the compressed baryonic matter. Starting from initially small anisotropies from quantum fluctuations in the early universe, the anisotropies grew larger in scale over time.

What is Void manipulation?

Void Manipulation, also known as Nothingness Manipulation is the ability to control and manipulate a void: nothingness or non-existence. Empty space and black holes are not examples of a void as they possess energy and exist in the conventional sense.

Is the Void evil?

The Void is not necessarily "evil", it is a primal force with its morality characterized by how it is wielded.

Does void have a body?

The officially licensed Figma action figure of Void reveals that his body consists only of his two long arms attached to a vertebral column.

What race is void?

Void elf
Void elves
Racial leader(s)Alleria Windrunner Magister Umbric
Racial mountVoidstrider
Language(s)Thalassian, Common, Orcish, Darnassian, Dwarven
5 more rows

Who made Negatale Sans?

Negatale Sans and the Negatale AU was created by ArtsyGum.

How strong is negative Sans?

He's much stronger than the regular Sans because of his intelligence. He used his knowledge of timelines, and went mad with power, gaining a lust for it. He gathered many other Sans and went to take over the main Undertale Universe., and created The Order of Sans.

What is negativetale?

Negativetale is a Korean AU similar to Underfell, but with a lesser emphasis on the edge and a bigger one on the evil aspect.

Who is the strongest Sans in Alphatale?

Error404, being the self-proclaimed 'God of The Multiverse', is the strongest Sans in the multiverse. Error404 is the only Sans strong enough to control and make Error and any other Powerful Sans his puppet with his Mind Manipulation, Examples: Ultra! Sans, Omega Sans, Ink! Sans, etc.

Is Sans Aftertale Sans error?

Error is a version of Aftertale Sans (Geno) that messes around with dangerous determination magic, even with warnings from Sans. He eventually accidentally sends himself to the anti-void.

Who created ultra Sans?

Sans Is an Out! Code created by Kelon15. He serves as the New Ruler and Omni-King of the Entire UnderTale Multiverse in the Future. He's the one in control of the new gods, such as Radiant Sans, Regret Sans and Time!

What is the oldest Sans AU?

Bio. AlphaTale was the very first AU, existing nearly as long as UnderTale itself.

Can Sans only deal 1 damage?

Sans has 1 Attack. He just uses Karma, so his 1 damage hits you every single frame. Sans has 1 Defense.

Is Papyrus as strong as Sans?

They're basically the same. It's implied that Papyrus does indeed have gaster blasters.

Can you beat Sans without attacking?

The only way to progress in his fight is to attack. If you use an item or "Check" Sans, the battle will not progress and he will repeat the last move he just did. Whenever you get hit by one of Sans' attacks, you take Karmic damage.

What is an AxeTale?

AxeTale is an AU where Frisk never leaves the Underground during a neutral run, where Toriel becomes queen, and Sans chases Flowey away before he can steal the souls. Years later, Flowey was able to steal them, and in his haste, he broke the fabric of time and space, distorting the magic of the Underground.

What is Floweys true form?

He appears for most of the game in the form of an innocuous sentient flower with a sadistic and psychopathic personality. It is later revealed that he is Asriel Dreemurr, a young monster prince who was killed by humans.

What is Epictale?

An epic tale is a literary work about a hero, amazing adventures or an otherwise intense or amazing story. Often, an epic tale involves a hero on an adventurous quest to rescue another main character, to save the world in some manner, or to defend his community against a rival or enemy.

What is error 404's real name?

In computer network communications, the HTTP 404, 404 not found, 404, 404 error, page not found or file not found error message is a hypertext transfer protocol (HTTP) standard response code, to indicate that the browser was able to communicate with a given server, but the server could not find what was requested.

What is the Godverse Undertale?

Godverses are realms beyond the Omniverse that are home to all-powerful all-seeing gods. There are three Godverses within The Barrel; one belonging to Creator, one belonging to Destroyer, and one belonging to Hyperman. Advertisement.

Is Sans the final boss?

Sans is a fictional character created by Toby Fox for the 2015 role-playing video game Undertale. Initially appearing as a friendly NPC, he later becomes the de facto final boss if the player chooses to complete the "genocide route" and go out of their way to destroy the game's race of monsters.

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